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How to prepare for Maternity Photoshoot

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

First of all, don’t be nervous! We got this for You, all You’ll need to do is just show up and we will do the rest!

However, to get the best result, there is some steps you should take before coming to Your session to get those absolutely Stunning Portraits.

1st. What to bring with You?

The main thing is Nude underwear, if possible seamless panty and strapless bra. Also we usually ask to bring black and white sets as well. This will allow us to create beautiful silhouettes without any marks on Your skin also we’ll be able to incorporate silks in your portraits without bright color underwear sneaking out from underneath the silk.

Ana King Photography offers all the dresses and gowns, bodysuits, jackets, wrapping fabrics and silks that you can see in our portfolio. But we also suggest you bring your favorite dress. Yes, we know it doesn't fit anymore and that's totally fine! Remember, we shooting in the studio so we can always clip it in the back or make it fit some other way. But having something that you really like and feel comfortable in is always a good idea. We can always chat prior to your session and discuss the wardrobe options for Your Best Maternity Portraits.

2nd. What to do with your Hair&Make Up?

All of our packages include Make Up, and some of packages also include Hair styling.

If You choose one of the packages that include Hair&Make Up then do NOTHING! Almost…

Please arrive with clean blow dried hair and don’t put any make up, except for moisturizer. If You aware that you are allergic to some makeup products, then please bring some of the products that You using on everyday basis with You so our professional make up artist will apply them for you.

For maternity photography we usually go with more natural look in makeup.

Our favorite makeup style is even skin tone, contouring to enhance your natural features, soft nude tone eyeshadows, we like to add some eyelashes as well and finish it all up with a little glow of the highlighter.


- Please arrive to the photo shoot with CLEAN skin, no makeup, mascara, foundation powder, etc.

- make a suitable moisturizing / nourishing mask the day before shooting, or use a moisturizing cream overnight.

- use nourishing / moisturizing lip products or a lip mask to avoid chapped and crusts on the lips.

- avoid peelings or any cosmetologist treatments that requires skin healing before shooting.

* On the shooting day morning you may apply moisturizer that you normally use on the daily basis. Please avoid facial masks or products containing oils.


- Come to the shooting with CLEAN and DRY hair, washed and dried the NIGHT before shooting

- Going to bed with wet hair would be a bad idea

- If your hair texture is curly or frizzy, please use a straightening iron to improve the structure of the hair and allow the hairstylist to create your desired hairstyle.

- Shampooing before shooting INCLUDE: shampoo + conditioner. Please stay away from any masks and oils

- We are NOT ABLE to provide such services as: shampooing, stretching and blow-dry styling. Those should done the night before photo shoot.

4th. What manicure should i choose?

We suggest to do your nails in natural color palette. Nudes, beige, cream, pink, whites will all look great in photos. We also suggest that you stay away from really dark or neon colors that will be catching too much attention.

5th. Our beautiful studio located in Downtown Ft.Lauderdale. So we know with 248 sunny days in a year (as per Google) we will always look tanner than the rest of the states. However, we suggest to stay away from artificial tanning products a couple of days prior to photoshoot. We would suggest having spray tanner or self tanners at least a 2-3 days before your Maternity session.

6th. The Inspiration

It is also a good idea to make a mood board prior to your maternity session.

You can use apps like Pinterest to gather up the pregnancy photoshoot ideas that you like. Also you can always refer to or our Instagram page for inspiration, our galleries are updated weekly so there is many ideas for to find something that feels like You.

We also suggest to send us Your Maternity session mood boards ahead of your session, in case we need to create something special, or make a unique set up specially for You. We can always discuss any creative ideas via email before the session with Ana King Photography.


Ana King offers Exquisite Maternity Photoshoot experience. All we ask from you is just to come in to our beautiful studio!

Make up Artist will create beautiful natural look that will benefit your personality. And Ana King will work with you in a calming, relaxed atmosphere directing your posing to create Timeless Portraits of this Special Time of your life. Our Downtown Miami Photo studio offers full maternity wardrobe options for our clients.

Ana King Photography studio specializes exclusively in Maternity, Newborn and Motherhood Portraiture. We are serving Miami area and entire Florida!

It's a great idea to come to Miami for your Maternity Photoshoot with Ana King and have a great vacation in our most amazing city as well. Sounds like a great plan to us! For more information and bookings please contact us directly at or email and you can call us anytime at (504)460-9948.

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