How to prepare for Maternity Photoshoot

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

First of all, don’t be nervous! We got this for You, all You’ll need to do is just show up and we will do the rest!

However, to get the best result, there is some steps you should take before coming to Your session to get those absolutely Stunning Portraits.

1st. What to bring with You?

The main thing is Nude underwear, if possible seamless panty and strapless bra. Also we usually ask to bring black and white sets as well. This will allow us to create beautiful silhouettes without any marks on Your skin also we’ll be able to incorporate silks in your portraits without bright color underwear sneaking out from underneath the silk.

Ana King Photography offers all the dresses and gowns, bodysuits, jackets, wrapping fabrics and silks that you can see in our portfolio. But we also suggest you bring your favorite dress. Yes, we know it doesn't fit anymore and that's totally fine! Remember, we shooting in the studio so we can always clip it in the back or make it fit some other way. But having something that you really like and feel comfortable in is always a good idea. We can always ch