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What your Partner should wear to the Maternity Photoshoot?

We think it's a great idea to capture your Maternity Portraits with your Partner!

So they are always welcome to join you at our sessions. However, in our experience, it's a great idea to invite them to the last 20-30 min of your session. It is a "painless experience" for them considering in this case they don't have to wait for the makeup and hair being done. It works great for them and we got a lot of feedback from husbands thanking us for quick and easy experience.

The second "most asked question" we get is what we suggest for them to wear to the session?

We suggest one of this options:

- white or black button-down shirt will be great option for a casual or dressy look. We usually like to roll the sleeves to make it more relaxed fit.

- white or black T-shirt or sweater will be a great alternative to a shirt for even more casual and modern look.

- Jeans is the best option for bottom. We recommend black or dark blue shade for a darker top and light blue jeans for pair with lighter shirts. It is also a great idea to wear your partner's jeans for those cool and modern portraits of yourself, as they truly create that oversized fit.

- Blazer will be a cool idea for a more classy "dressed up" look, any color will fit, however, we suggest to stay away from patterns. One plain color is always a winner!

- Accessories such as hats are welcome if they suit your partners everyday style.

- Shorts, tank tops, sportswear are something we recommend to stay away from.

We are looking forward to meeting your family at our studio!

Ana King


Ana King offers Exquisite Maternity Photoshoot experience. All we ask from you is just to come in to our beautiful studio!

Make up Artist will create beautiful natural look that will benefit your personality. And Ana King will work with you in a calming, relaxed atmosphere directing your posing to create Timeless Portraits of this Special Time of your life. Our Downtown Miami Photo studio offers full maternity wardrobe options for our clients.

Ana King Photography studio specializes exclusively in Maternity, Newborn and Motherhood Portraiture. We are serving Miami area and entire Florida!

It's a great idea to come to Miami for your Maternity Photoshoot with Ana King and have a great vacation in our most amazing city as well. Sounds like a great plan to us! For more information and bookings please contact us directly at or email and you can call us anytime at (504)460-9948.

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